Industry workshops and symposia

Industry workshops

Wednesday September 16

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14:00 / 15:00

Room 3

Boston Scientific

Prepare the vessel and combine technologies to optimize results
Speakers: Nicolas Louis, Jérôme Brunet

  • Atherectomy: a tool of choice to prepare the vesse
    • Mode of action of the JETSTREAM™ system
  • Presentation and discussion on clinical case
  • The contribution of the imagery in the preparation of the vessel:
    • JETSTREAM™, a new approach by augmented reality
    • ELLIPSE, the French clinical study to follow
  • JETSTREAM™ console demonstration and manipulation workshop

15:30 / 16:30

Room 1

BD Bard

WavelinQ : Percutaneous fistulas, creation and follow-up of dialysis patients
Lead convenor : Eric Ducasse

  1. Patient selection : ultrasound mapping workshop “Who is candidate ?”
  2. WavelinQTM EndoAVF procedure overview – case report
  3. EndoAVF follow up and cannulation program

Room 2


CTOs in femoropopliteal arteries: from nightmares to sweet dreams
Moderator: Eric Ducasse
Speakers: Eric Ducasse, Nicolas Louis, Lieven Maene


Room 3


17:00 / 18:00

Room 2


Why 0.018’ is my first choice for complex and daily fempop lesions? Interest of triaxial stent system.
How to double your chance of CTO recanalization success with dual lumen catheters?
Lead convenor: Nicolas Louis